OSI Monaco
Raising Children’s Awareness of Development Issues
No Time Left Festival

The Department of International Cooperation, in partnership with the Department of Education, Youth and Sport, visited the Ecole Saint-Charles this morning.  The aim of the visit was to raise the awareness of pupils in Years 5 and 6 of development issues and the activities undertaken by the Prince’s Government to help combat poverty.

During November, 230 pupils in Monaco will be made aware of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and the activities of Monaco’s Official Development Assistance in this sensitive area.

The pupils will then take part in the “No Time Left” socially and politically committed short film festival, as the jury for the Children’s Prize.  This Festival, which recognises young directors of short films on development-related themes (such as education, poverty and gender equality), has been supported by the Department of International Cooperation since the Festival was founded in 2011.

A screening of the six short films shortlisted for the 2015 Children’s Prize will take place on Monday 30 November at the Variety Theatre, in the presence of the 230 pupils from Monaco.

More than 1,500 children from Madagascar, Cameroon, Burundi, Morocco and Senegal will also be part of the jury alongside the Monegasque pupils.

For further information,see:  www.letempspresse.org