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Providing primary education services to vulnerable and underprivileged pupils at the Mwazisi primary school
Chikulamayembe, Malawi
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Milk enriched for the undernourished newborns
Kpatchilé, Togo

We supplied milk enriched with proteins for the undernourished newborns in Kpatchilé, a rural area in the North-west of Togo. Here there are many very small villages and no hospitals; using a bracelet (Muac) given to newborns one can tell by its coloring if they are under nourished; this often happens, being caused by the poor nourishment of the mothers themselves who are breastfeeding their children.

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The Red Pencil Humanitarian Mission opens its first Creative Arts Therapy Centre in Singapore
The Red Pencil Humanitarian Mission

The Red Pencil (Singapore) celebrated the official opening of its first Creative Arts Therapy Center in Singapore last 9 June 2022. The event was officiated by Mr Melvin Yong, Adviser to Radin Mas Grassroots Organisations, Singapore.   

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April 6, show your support for peace
Post your #WhiteCard
Peace and Sport

In a world charged with geopolitical tensions, the messages of peace, unity, and dialogue have never been more important. 
On the International Day of Sport for Development and Peace (IDSDP), celebrated each year on 6 April, Peace and Sport invites you to raise your #WhiteCard to support peace and fraternity between civil societies.
Created in reference to the punishing red card, the #WhiteCard is recognised as the international symbol representing worldwide the positive[...]

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