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Local Innovators Contest 2021
Help2 Project: accompany ambitious proposals with a positive social impact

In recent years, AMA has been committed, through the Help2 project, to supporting and developing partnerships and synergies between different associations in Argentina. The aim is to minimise the effort of problem solving, to be able to measure mistakes and successes, to avoid repeating the former and to improve the solutions. During the 2020 pandemic, we reported that thanks to the collaboration of different realities, the Red de Innovacion Local (RIL) digital platform could be adapted for the COVID-19 emergency. In the same spirit, we share with you the presentation of the Local Innovators Contest for civil servants, municipal employees and social innovators organised by the RIL and Ashoka for Latin America.

The proposal aims to solve community problems that can range from waste collection, neighbourhood roads or tax billing to health, education and public safety issues.

Hyper-connected times, with exponential changes, can be overwhelming if not addressed collectively.

The basis of the contest was formulated by seeking systematic change, collaboration between the public and private sectors and coopetition*. This concept indicates cooperation, for a common purpose, between actors who could be competitors.

AMA, through the Help2 project, continues to accompany ambitious proposals with a positive social impact, and is proud that this action is now being extended not only to Argentina but to all of South America. Congratulations to RIL and Ashoka for this initiative and their distinctive spirit of collaboration.


*: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Coopetition

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