OSI Monaco
Launch of crowdfunding campaign to save Wokana and Djénébou

On Monday 17th October, Monaco Collectif Humanitaire kickstarted its second online crowdfunding campaign with the support of their Ambassadeur, the footballer Olivier Giroud.

Wokana (15 months old from Burkina Faso) and Djénébou (7 years old from Mali) both suffer from debilitating heart conditions and need to be operated on as quickly as possible. The aim is to raise €20,000 in order to finance the necessary cardiological operations

The campaign is online on the Monaco Crowdfunding website. Click HERE to donate! In less than 4 hours, more than 20% of the necessary amour has already been raised!

To thank you for your generosity, Olivier Giroud, Ambassador of Monaco Collectif Humanitaire, is offering his jersey from the Euro 2016 finale, his boots, footballs, posters and photos signed and personally dedicated to you… as well as many other surprises!

To follow the campaign, visit Monaco Collectif Humanitaire’s new Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/monacocollectifhumanitaire/