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The light arrived
Almost miraculous emotions and eternal gratitude.

One of AMA’s partners, Haciendo Camino (HC) has switched on lights in the middle of a rural area in northern Argentina.

HC, in collaboration with energy producing companies (SAES and Flex) and private contributions, has placed solar panels that produce electricity in the communities of Las Lomitas and Herrera (Santiago del Estero, Northern Argentina).

When, in the darkness of the night and after a long day of work, lights were switched on, everyone there was completely fascinated.

Renewable energy and resources applied with solidarity intelligence made possible an exponential change in the quality of life of these people by enabling the use of electrical devices and streamlining communications.

Haciendo Camino is an NGO that has been working for 15 years in very disadvantaged areas of northern Argentina, focusing on women in situations of social risk and providing them with tools to break the cycle of poverty so that they can give the best to their children.

In Argentina, more than half of the children live in economic, environmental or social poverty.

Haciendo Camino accompanies more than 800 children and their mothers every year, and promotes their rights to housing, food and health.

For those interested in helping, AMA is organising a fundraising campaign to develop a new centre in the Monte Chemado area. Thanks to the synergies and vision of our Help2 project, several NGOs are coming together to secure the different aspects of logistics (benevolent pilots), nutrition, health and micro-entrepreneurship.

One NGO alone cannot handle complex realities.